From Our Family To Yours - 2017 Winter Newsletter

CCGC IN 2017

It seems to be a habit that in the winter issue I always write “December already?!”, it would not be in my style to omit it…so here it is again… December Already?!

From Earth Day in Oscar Scherer Florida State Park, to leadership training, to Hurricane Irma, and even opening and moving into our office/warehouse space. The year itself has been quite eventful and I look forward to writing and sharing a little bit about our adventure with you.

As the year progressed you might have seen some teams change. I know that we do our best to attract and keep great talent such as we have now. It is also understood that the cleaning positions are not glamourous, and that people will always have life, education, relocation, and family goals.

We take care of our CCGC Family and nurture each team member to not only do a great job with us, but to see their dreams form into reality. Granted there has been some turnover to find the right fit; but we did experience several bittersweet instances where staff have moved onward to start families, continue education, and a new page in life – and we love being a part of that!

 As we continue to grow, I am sure you will see new faces and meet great people that represent us and provide excellent service. Please welcome them as you would us, as we are one big family! 

Just as we have great team members – Aracelly, Shannon, and Lexi… Izabela, Kristina, Izabella, Xavier, and Steven (yup, that’s me) will continue to assist with, improve, communicate, and represent all we stand for as a company and family.

The work we do is not just for us, for the community, or environment… It is for you.

We love what we do, we love helping, we love being a part of your families, your household, your conversations, and lives.

The biggest “Thank” we can all give, is to you. So, THANK YOU for being you, for trusting and supporting us.

Thank you!

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Steven Pajevic