Local Cleaning Company attains Better Business Council Membership

Crystal Clean Green Cleaning is proud to announce their recent Better Business Council (BBC) membership following an application and screening process with the Better Business Council’s Advisory Committee within the Manatee Chamber of Commerce.

Membership within the Better Business Council “showcases” Crystal Clean Green Cleaning (CCGC) as a business that adheres to “higher business standards”. Crystal Clean Green Cleaning has completed their screening process that includes verification of their company registration, licensing, insurance and references. The Better Business Council recommends Crystal Clean Green Cleaning as a trusted source to do business with.

The mission of the BBC is “to strengthen public confidence in Manatee County area businesses through the promotion of high standards and business ethics”.

“Trust is our main business… We just happen to be really good at cleaning”, says Crystal Clean Green Cleaning co-owner Steven Pajevic. “We know letting someone into your home is not easy. Becoming members of the Better Business Council is one way we would like to offer our customers peace of mind.”

Crystal Clean Green Cleaning is a residential cleaning company, established in Sarasota 2012, and is a member of the Sarasota Green Business Partnership, the Manatee Chamber of Commerce, and a Sarasota County Healthy Worksite. CCGC holds certifications in Green Cleaning Practices, Customer Service, and Chemical Hazards with the International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association.

If you would like more information on Crystal Clean Green Cleaning, please call 941-894-6845, or visit www.crystalcleangreencleaning.com

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Steven Pajevic
‘Healthy Worksites’ Recognized for Banning Tobacco, Encouraging Healthy Habits

Several Sarasota County companies and nonprofits were recently recognized for being ‘healthy worksites.’

By Staff  8/6/2018 at 10:34am


Around the Clock Fitness, Children’s World, Crystal Clean Green Cleaning and several other Sarasota County companies and nonprofits were recently recognized for being “healthy worksites” for their employees. The designation is handed out by Healthy Sarasota County, which recognizes employers for banning tobacco and encouraging physical activity, healthy eating, stress reduction and more. Find the full list of “healthy worksites” online.

Steven Pajevic
2018 July and August Food Drive



We need YOUR help!

Please help us reach our goal and to feed children and families.

In 2016 Crystal Clean Green Cleaning (CCGC) collected 176 pounds of food for All Faiths Food Bank and our Communities.

It is time we try again, and this time we would like to break the 200 pound mark!

We ask current client to leave a bag in kitchen, marked clearly for us.

Please message for a way to donate

See our flyer below


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Steven Pajevic
Technology and Cleaning? What to keep in mind when choosing a service company and how CCGC is different.

Normally the residential cleaning industry is quite nestled in the analog age… pick up a phone, write it down, check the schedule, set the appointment, drive, clean, start all over again.

However, with today’s available technology and savvy purchasing techniques can have quite the impact on service-based businesses. Take out the phone and ask Siri, or Google, or whomever - the “best”, “closest”, “most reliable” anything and you get an answer. Reviews, SEO (search engine optimization), fresh and continuously changing web content, links, and a slew of algorithms dictate where a business shows on a list, and quite frankly play a huge role in what Google or Siri think.

Would it be safe to assume that if a business is at the top of the search, that it is “good”?

Well, not necessarily, no…

Just last year a younger Englishman “created” Trip Advisors top rated eatery. You see some businesses do the unthinkable, but a common step in getting on the “list of acceptance” … They pay for it. Not for the SEO services specifically, there are companies (many legitimate) that step in and cover for a weakness of a business. It is quite true that an awesome mechanic should be just that, not have to learn how to market on the internet. However, there are some businesses pay real people, sometimes imaginary people (with many e-mail accounts) to leave positive reviews about them, on a variety of sites. The Englishman, Mr. Butler, displayed this process, with a fictional restaurant (mind you no one has ever eaten here-it was imaginary), with rave reviews and a few photos (one was literally of a toilet cleaning puck and a sponge, painted, of course); that over a few months had reached to the No. 1 spot.

For the complete article - http://bit.ly/2KDd2zG


Our Story

I was completing a small writing draft about who we are and what our story is. I got a little carried away, but when all was said and done, I was quite happy with it. I had added it to our "About" page and wanted to include it here as well.-----

We are a family owned and local company - our children, and our team member's children's college fund depends on us... Lets just say, we think what we do is very important.

Yes, we clean homes and are really rather good at it - but our primary business is TRUST. You let us into your home - and we know it is not easy letting just anyone in. Our actions, dependability, communication, structure, and care for you (your family and home) is what sets us apart. It is something you need to see, feel, and value - before you can decide that you found the right service company. We are not the cheapest, nor the quickest, and if we continue to do things right, we never will be.

We are very transparent with our core values, which we use in EVERY facet of our business. They are simple, but oh-so-powerful... 1. Help Out 2. Be Real 3. Make Money 4. Have Fun.

We primarily service residential properties in Bradenton, Sarasota, Osprey, Nokomis, Parrish and Lakewood Ranch. We are a company that is working hard to increase the local standards in customer service, operations, and cleaning quality. Like it, or not, we only use Green Certified, organic, and/or Eco-friendly products that are safer for you and us.

We are proud members of the Sarasota Green Business Partnership and Manatee Chamber of Commerce. Our company is also one of ten designated Healthy Sarasota County Worksites, sharing values and wellness practices along others, such as: The City of North Port, Children's World, and Sarasota Memorial Healthcare System. Along with several certifications from the International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association that not only sound fancy, but actually educate us in topics such as: Green Cleaning Practices, Customer Service, and Chemical Hazards.

We started in 2012 wanting, actually needing, additional income. Individually family members quickly found their strengths and concentrated on what they were good at - and what needed to be done - with a common goal, which at that time was, grow. From testing products and solutions, deciding that Dyson vacuums are all that we will ever use, to making mistakes and learning from them. We had adapted systems and procedures until the time we needed to employ additional members.

Years later, and working out of our garage with several employees, we knew it was time to move up into a larger space. Our goals were always focused on four areas that tie each other for equal importance. 1. Trust 2. Our Employees 3. Our Clients 4. Quality.

We still have these four areas embedded into our hearts - but our core values sum all of these up (1. Help Out 2. Be Real 3. Make Money 4. Have Fun).

As a family, a business, and member of the community - our plan is to continue to grow and establish ourselves as the “go-to” company. So many people can clean. We want to do that, while also being a leader in the industry on education, guidance, and solutions on what you need solved. More time with the family? Need to work from home? Is it to painful to move around and clean? Do you have better things to do? Was the last place unprofessional? Did they no-call-no-show? We want to help you find a solution to your pain.

Can we help every one? Nope. Would you really want us to, if we were your company? We will always give it our best to assist customers that understand, agree, and maybe even share our values.

This is Our Story, to date - but, we are always working on the next chapter.

Steven Pajevic
From Our Family To Yours - 2017 Winter Newsletter

CCGC IN 2017

It seems to be a habit that in the winter issue I always write “December already?!”, it would not be in my style to omit it…so here it is again… December Already?!

From Earth Day in Oscar Scherer Florida State Park, to leadership training, to Hurricane Irma, and even opening and moving into our office/warehouse space. The year itself has been quite eventful and I look forward to writing and sharing a little bit about our adventure with you.

As the year progressed you might have seen some teams change. I know that we do our best to attract and keep great talent such as we have now. It is also understood that the cleaning positions are not glamourous, and that people will always have life, education, relocation, and family goals.

We take care of our CCGC Family and nurture each team member to not only do a great job with us, but to see their dreams form into reality. Granted there has been some turnover to find the right fit; but we did experience several bittersweet instances where staff have moved onward to start families, continue education, and a new page in life – and we love being a part of that!

 As we continue to grow, I am sure you will see new faces and meet great people that represent us and provide excellent service. Please welcome them as you would us, as we are one big family! 

Just as we have great team members – Aracelly, Shannon, and Lexi… Izabela, Kristina, Izabella, Xavier, and Steven (yup, that’s me) will continue to assist with, improve, communicate, and represent all we stand for as a company and family.

The work we do is not just for us, for the community, or environment… It is for you.

We love what we do, we love helping, we love being a part of your families, your household, your conversations, and lives.

The biggest “Thank” we can all give, is to you. So, THANK YOU for being you, for trusting and supporting us.

Thank you!

For a PDF version of our full newsletter - please VIST -    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z5j4DRV9HccITahlMcSnC5A-jIpZ1BTS/view

Steven Pajevic
CCGC Celebrates its new work space with a Manatee Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting

CGC has move into a new location March of 2017

Once settled into the new space, CCGC celebrated by hosting a Ribbon Cutting where the Manatee Chamber of Commerce was present, among respected clients and family members.

From this location, we look to grow and uphold our commitment to quality house cleaning and customer service to Sarasota, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, Palmer Ranch, Osprey, and Nokomis Clients.

Many thanks to our existing clients and family for their business, trust, and support throughout the years. Read About it on Bradenton.com

Steven Pajevic
Crystal Clean Green Cleaning has earned the Gold Level Healthy Sarasota County Worksite designation!

CCGC has dedicated resources to employees, families, and the community on 15 high-impact areas affecting health, healthy lifestyle, and commitment. Some scoring took place via the Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) guidelines for work-site health.

Crystal Clean Green Cleaning is one out of the ten Healthy Worksites designated in Sarasota County, among Sarasota Memorial Hospital and The City of Northport

More information to follow.  Herald Tribune Link

Steven Pajevic
Crystal Clean Green Cleaning - a new member of Manatee Chamber of Commerce.

Sarasota, Florida. (July 26th, 2016) – Crystal Clean Green Cleaning (CCGC), a Sarasota based company, has joined the Manatee Chamber of Commerce. With offices in Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch, The Chamber offers a plethora of services and information to residents, consumers, and businesses. It is easy to see why the Manatee Chamber of Commerce has achieved; "National Chamber of the Year", "Four-Time Winner Florida Chamber of the Year", "Florida Association of Chamber Professionals Certification", among others. Please visit the Chambers website at www.manateechamber.com. CCGC looks forward to the many great relationships and community events  as a part of the Manatee Chamber.

Steven Pajevic
Crystal Clean Green Cleaning collects 176 pounds of food for Sarasota families.

Sarasota, Florida. (May 3rd, 2016) – Crystal Clean Green Cleaning (CCGC), a Sarasota based company, completed its first food collection initiative this week. With mutual effort by the company and its clients 176 pounds of food has been donated to the All Faiths Food Bank. The food collected will benefit nearly 200 families.

All Faiths Food Bank’s Campaign Against Hunger raises food and funds to feed 21,000 Sarasota County students and the younger siblings that face hunger during the summer more than any other time of the year. 1 in 4 children will go to bed hungry tonight while nearly 60,000 people in the community struggle with hunger every day. All Faiths Food Bank is leading the community to end hunger. For more information visit allfaithsfoodbank.org or call 941-379-6333

CCGC has a desire to positively impact the community while growing a successful cleaning business. Plans are already underway for the next food drive which will take place in October 2016.

Crystal Clean Green Cleaning provides services in Sarasota and Manatee counties while specializing in residential and commercial properties with green cleaning practices. CCGC is community oriented, a Sarasota County Green Business Partner and International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association Green Business Certified.

Steven Pajevic
CCGC earns Green Cleaning Company, Customer Service, and Chemical Hazards Certifications

SARASOTA, Florida. (April 15, 2016) – Crystal Clean Green Cleaning (CCGC) is pleased to announce that the company has attained three separate certifications from The International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association. The International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association (IJCSA) promotes professionalism and ethics in the janitorial and cleaning services industry. Green Cleaning Company Certification promotes knowledge and incorporation of safe green practices, training, and regulations. The training and certification program adheres to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Customer Service Certification Program promotes professionalism in customer service and employee skills training. Chemical Hazards Certification Program promotes technical terms and concepts to understand chemical hazards, identify potential hazards, and determine proper protection for customers and employees. IJCSA members agree to be bound and provide: -Customer satisfaction -Professionalism in attitude, ethics and work habits -Continuous improvement in professional aptitude through education and training -Provide a safe environment for employees and customers -Perform superior work and to seek assistance when needed

Crystal Clean Green Cleaning wishes to thank its clients and employees for their continued support.  Herald Tribune Link

Steven Pajevic