Our Story

I was completing a small writing draft about who we are and what our story is. I got a little carried away, but when all was said and done, I was quite happy with it. I had added it to our "About" page and wanted to include it here as well.-----

We are a family owned and local company - our children, and our team member's children's college fund depends on us... Lets just say, we think what we do is very important.

Yes, we clean homes and are really rather good at it - but our primary business is TRUST. You let us into your home - and we know it is not easy letting just anyone in. Our actions, dependability, communication, structure, and care for you (your family and home) is what sets us apart. It is something you need to see, feel, and value - before you can decide that you found the right service company. We are not the cheapest, nor the quickest, and if we continue to do things right, we never will be.

We are very transparent with our core values, which we use in EVERY facet of our business. They are simple, but oh-so-powerful... 1. Help Out 2. Be Real 3. Make Money 4. Have Fun.

We primarily service residential properties in Bradenton, Sarasota, Osprey, Nokomis, Parrish and Lakewood Ranch. We are a company that is working hard to increase the local standards in customer service, operations, and cleaning quality. Like it, or not, we only use Green Certified, organic, and/or Eco-friendly products that are safer for you and us.

We are proud members of the Sarasota Green Business Partnership and Manatee Chamber of Commerce. Our company is also one of ten designated Healthy Sarasota County Worksites, sharing values and wellness practices along others, such as: The City of North Port, Children's World, and Sarasota Memorial Healthcare System. Along with several certifications from the International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association that not only sound fancy, but actually educate us in topics such as: Green Cleaning Practices, Customer Service, and Chemical Hazards.

We started in 2012 wanting, actually needing, additional income. Individually family members quickly found their strengths and concentrated on what they were good at - and what needed to be done - with a common goal, which at that time was, grow. From testing products and solutions, deciding that Dyson vacuums are all that we will ever use, to making mistakes and learning from them. We had adapted systems and procedures until the time we needed to employ additional members.

Years later, and working out of our garage with several employees, we knew it was time to move up into a larger space. Our goals were always focused on four areas that tie each other for equal importance. 1. Trust 2. Our Employees 3. Our Clients 4. Quality.

We still have these four areas embedded into our hearts - but our core values sum all of these up (1. Help Out 2. Be Real 3. Make Money 4. Have Fun).

As a family, a business, and member of the community - our plan is to continue to grow and establish ourselves as the “go-to” company. So many people can clean. We want to do that, while also being a leader in the industry on education, guidance, and solutions on what you need solved. More time with the family? Need to work from home? Is it to painful to move around and clean? Do you have better things to do? Was the last place unprofessional? Did they no-call-no-show? We want to help you find a solution to your pain.

Can we help every one? Nope. Would you really want us to, if we were your company? We will always give it our best to assist customers that understand, agree, and maybe even share our values.

This is Our Story, to date - but, we are always working on the next chapter.

Steven Pajevic