How are we so different?

 Here are a few ways...

1.) We do NOT charge hourly - we work on the scope of our project(s).

2.) We are family owned and operated - while growing - we do have awesome team members.

3. We have interests and investments in the community and are working on building more, such as; Sarasota Green Business Partners, Manatee Chamber Members, Better Business Council Members, and Community Volunteers.

4.) We are one of a few Healthy County Work-site's, as designated by, The Sarasota County Health Department using a CDC workplace assessment - among - Sarasota Memorial, The City of North Port, Tidewell Hospice, and Children's World.

5.) We do NOT quote over the phone or internet...

6.) We use eco-friendly, organic, or certified green products.

7.) We NEVER mix or re-label chemical we use (like a lot of others do).

8.) We use a majority of Mrs. Meyers, Bona, Method, and Swiffer Products.

9.) We use an exclusive line of Dyson Vacuum Cleaners - all equipped with HEPA filtration.

10.) Give us a try... and see what you have been missing.

11.) All employees are vetted through a background check.

12.) Employees are also vetted through the USCIS ( United States Citizenship ad Immigration Services) verification program.