Technology and Cleaning? What to keep in mind when choosing a service company and how CCGC is different.

Normally the residential cleaning industry is quite nestled in the analog age… pick up a phone, write it down, check the schedule, set the appointment, drive, clean, start all over again.

However, with today’s available technology and savvy purchasing techniques can have quite the impact on service-based businesses. Take out the phone and ask Siri, or Google, or whomever - the “best”, “closest”, “most reliable” anything and you get an answer. Reviews, SEO (search engine optimization), fresh and continuously changing web content, links, and a slew of algorithms dictate where a business shows on a list, and quite frankly play a huge role in what Google or Siri think.

Would it be safe to assume that if a business is at the top of the search, that it is “good”?

Well, not necessarily, no…

Just last year a younger Englishman “created” Trip Advisors top rated eatery. You see some businesses do the unthinkable, but a common step in getting on the “list of acceptance” … They pay for it. Not for the SEO services specifically, there are companies (many legitimate) that step in and cover for a weakness of a business. It is quite true that an awesome mechanic should be just that, not have to learn how to market on the internet. However, there are some businesses pay real people, sometimes imaginary people (with many e-mail accounts) to leave positive reviews about them, on a variety of sites. The Englishman, Mr. Butler, displayed this process, with a fictional restaurant (mind you no one has ever eaten here-it was imaginary), with rave reviews and a few photos (one was literally of a toilet cleaning puck and a sponge, painted, of course); that over a few months had reached to the No. 1 spot.

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