2018-2019 Newsletter Is Available

Where did the year go? 2019… Already!?

It is quite possible that you would agree with me; that the year simply went by too fast.

However quick it seemed to be, many things took place behind the scenes at Crystal Clean Green Cleaning, some not-so-good and many great! No matter the details… If there is one thing, I would like to convey in this newsletter it is that we are most thankful for you, our most wonderful clients, for our team members, for our vendors, for our friends and families, and every supporter we have in our lives.

This year we, after many setbacks, finally achieved a third team. At points we had a waiting list up to 8 weeks. Since day one, it has been our choice to be an organic business, this includes our growth as well. The teams had changed as members moved onward to their next progressive step, such as: completing their education, procuring a new home, to take care of loved ones, and even to grow their families.

Though you cannot rush organic, at times patience was tested. With great support, understanding, acceptance, (and at times – forgiveness) we are of a few local, family owned, businesses that lived to see their sixth birthday. We continue to do things for the right reasons and are working to achieve the opportunity of seeing our seventh year (and more)!

None of this would be possible if it were not for you. We are not perfect; but we strive to be… It is what you deserve and what we obsess to accomplish. We thank you for having us, sharing your feelings, including us in discussions, and for the support (for each other) through thick and thin. We dedicate our lives to bring you comfort, service, knowledge, laughter, and love.

The Crystal Clean Green Cleaning Family thanks you for your trust, business, and support! We look forward to being there for you, in the up’s and down’s, for years to come!

Very Truly Yours,


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Steven Pajevic